February 20, 2019
Several years ago I had a succession of what you would probably call “dev ops” jobs. I found myself writing lots of elaborate scripts, documenting and automating heretofore manual processes. In hindsight I look back on most of these efforts as futile attempts to fully automate what could not be (one cannot automate away the decisions we people that are a part of ‘the process’ need to make!). One tool that came out of that was something I dubbed ‘sshmux’. ... Read more
When I first saw Ben Fry’s All Streets, I thought, “WOW, I need to learn how to make that!” And, a few years later Nathan Yau created a nice tutorial explaining how one could do so in R1. On a recent Thursday night, I felt lethargic from the recent Daylight Savings “Spring Forward” and the chill outside. Focus came to me slowly, though, and I decided I wanted to make a map for my home area: Durham. ... Read more

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