In the Sound Issue of Ecotone Magazine, The Voices of Birds describes the communication styles of the evening grosbeak. I used a reference map supplied by Kendra Sewall, the author of “The Voices of Birds”, as a starting point. The main issue with the source map is that it wasn’t high enough resolution for print media, and that it didn’t incorporate the spectrograms of the various geographic regions. The final version of the map below spread a full spread (note that a seam would run through the middle). ... Read more
March 13, 2015
For the tenth anniversary issue of Ecotone Magazine I was asked to create a visualization that explored the results of surveys that had been sent out to subscribers in anticipation of the next issue. The survey prompted to answer four things: where do you call home, list your favorite article (and issue), and describe what where you imagine your favorite article was set. As one might expect of a literary magazine, the responses were verbose and creative! ... Read more

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