Explore the Numerology visualization here.

I created this visualization that explores the properties of natural numbers - initially I wanted to show the properties of the first million natural numbers but quickly ran into an issue: how does one efficiently and compactly store the properties of a million numbers without having a million entries for those numbers?

For each numeric property I implemented an algorithm to discover the property for each of the numbers in the visualization. The OEIS was immensely helpful in this regard.

I created a client-side bloomfilter implementation, and generated an efficient store of the data using it. I can’t quite remember just how many numbers I reached - perhaps the first 1k numbers. Ultimately I decided that the visualization itself would need to be changed if I wanted to provide a ‘macro’ view of more than 1k: not only is it impractical to store those properties on the client side, it would be unpleasant to traverse with the kind of visualization I had created.

Perhaps in a future iteration I will design an interactive graphic to display much larger ranges of natural numbers (and tackle that storage problem too!).

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