Dane Summers

Durham, NC | dsummers@pinedesk.biz | pinedesk.biz


Software developer, architect, and system administrator. I enjoy working with friendly and communicative teams. My favorite part of any project is discovering what makes it magic: why its intended audience prefers this project over something else, and how product owners hope to take it forward.


I have worked with numerous technologies, including (but not limited to):

  • languages: Python, Javascript, Coffeescript, TypeScript, PHP, R, Go, Java, Scala, Groovy
  • IAAS and PAAS: AWS, Heroku, OpenShift
  • automation: Ansible, Chef, Puppet
  • style: Bootstrap, scss, less, CSS
  • profiling: strace, valgrind, tcpdump, sysdig
  • data: R, pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib.
  • databases: Postgres, Oracle, MySQL, sqlite, mongo, redis
  • frameworks: Django, Express, Rails, Angular
  • frontend: jQuery, Choo, Redux, lodash, React, Backbone, D3.
  • testing: I approach problem solving with a TDD mindset, and always make myself familiar with testing/mocking tools of the platforms that I work on. I am also comfortable performing integration and load testing with tools like Selenium, Jmeter, and Gatling.
  • virtualization: vagrant, docker
  • administration: shell scripts, sed, gawk, rsync, jq, nmap
  • build tools: maven, cake, make, gradle, rake, composer, npm, gulp
  • windows: cygwin, ActiveX


BS in Computer Science Washington University in St Louis 1998-2000

Graduated cum laude.

BA majoring in Pre Engineering Warren Wilson College 1995-1998

Awarded the Katherine A Fitton Award in Mathematical Science.


Caktus Group, Contractor, September 2016 – present, Durham, NC

I work on a team that is responsible for a variety of Django projects:

  • We make steady progress on client projects as part of an Agile team.
  • We help clients throughout the SDLC process: craft proposals, discover and estimate new features, and schedule and implement features.
  • Deploy and maintain systems using Salt and Ansible on disparate platforms (AWS, DO, and internal platforms).

Cofactor Software, Contractor, April 2016 – present, San Francisco, CA

I support clients in managing their Ruby and Javascript projects:

  • Advise clients on security, hosting, and upgrade decisions.
  • Implement new features and integrations specific to the client’s project such as WYSIWYG editor integrations, Mandrill and Slack integrations, design new database models and website pages.
  • Maintain Rails and Sinatra platforms (in-house and Heroku), and perform upgrades.

Cofactor Software, Contractor, June 2014 – April 2016, San Francisco, CA

I maintained and supported mobile ad-serving systems for BrightRoll.

  • Fixed client integration bugs, application bugs, and made optimizations to improve overall performance.
  • Designed and implemented the bulk of the project’s testing infrastructure: unit test framework, continuous integration, code coverage metrics, and JMeter load testing.
  • Migrated the core NodeJS HTTP server to Express and CommonJS.
  • Maintained native mobile APIs in IOS (Objective C) and Android (Java).
  • Assisted in Heroku to AWS migrations of several systems.
  • Created or contributed patches or forks to open source projects: interval-logger, node-xml2js-xpath, and chainsinon, grafana-docker-dev-env, network_chisel.

VoiceThread, Systems Developer, October 2012 – June 2014, Durham, NC

I worked as a systems developer improving the overall functionality of VoiceThread’s server infrastructure:

  • Created a distributed job queuing system, to decouple frontend web services from backend document processing activities.
  • Automated AWS EC2 AMI creation.
  • Setup unit testing, and integration testing systems, and continuous integration system.
  • Migrated AWS infrastructure to CloudFormation providing an auto-scaling solution for stacks of servers.
  • Helped establish disaster recovery plans, personnel policies, and a security review processes.
  • Maintained production infrastructure: monitored server state, evaluated and prioritized new events and was the main point of contact with our AWS service provider.
  • Created or contributed patches or forks: sshmux, ec2-check-reserved-instances, cloth.

SharkByte Systems, Lead Developer, April 2006 – November 2012, New York, NY

I filled many technical and managerial roles, and acted as the lead developer.

  • Managed up to 6 developers.
  • Created organizational processes for development (release planning, QA, testing, regressions) and support (ticketing, technical support docs, etc).
  • Researched new technologies & wrote specifications for new products and features.
  • Provided technical support.
  • Facilitated quarterly and yearly meetings. Led design and technical meetings with clients and vendors.
  • Crafted hiring requirements, and interviewed perspective technical staff.

I worked on innumerable projects. Some highlights include:

  • Implemented hardware drivers for various hardware: RFID readers, ticket spitters, exit gates, relays, receipt & ticket printers, a Verifone CC terminal, an encrypted MSR, cash acceptors and dispensers.
  • Documented change processes required for PCI PABP certification.
  • Directed the adoption and maintenance of several software tools: from no bug tracking to Bugzilla, CVS to SVN, ant to maven, no continuous integration to TeamCity.
  • Wrote our in-house configuration and support infrastructure.

SharkByte Systems, Developer, May 2001 – April 2006, New York, NY

  • Implemented several drivers for peripheral hardware: biometric fingerprint, ticket and receipt printers, and external line displays.
  • Deployed, supported and maintained a suite of products.

PineDesk Software, 2005 – 2007 Boston, MA

I developed an educational flash-card application for Palm OS and sold it through Tucows and Handango. Read more about it on its blog (http://pinedesk.blogspot.com).

  • Implemented a complete desktop (webstart) and mobile (java via superwaba) product.
  • Integrated with the Handango customer registration system.

Barpoint, Inc, Developer, July 2000 – August 2001, New York, NY

  • Designed a key/value configuration system for Palm OS product, wrote the C library and Java desktop configuration application.
  • Designed an XML DTD schema for a product database, implemented and hosted an HTTP server that allowed customers to query the product database.


  • I am an active volunteer with my local Code for America chapter where I onboard new volunteers, and work with local Durham government to build projects that meet the community’s needs.
  • I am very interested in interactive data visualizations, and have spent considerable time exploring the medium:
  • I have contributed to several open source projects, including:
  • Several libraries and applications that I have written are publicly available on github.